I was checking out Jim Munroe‘s website, wondering how he does it all, you know, what’s his magic or funding because I think he’s amazing.

And there was a lovely, endearing post he published about his wife Susan on the occasion of her birthday, she the author of LadyScientist zine among other distinctions, and he had included her band Tom Boyfriend. Listen to it here: http://myspace.com/tomboyfriend
I really dig their stuff, super fun!


Also, I’ll be posting up photos from Canzine and the THREADS art show soon.


I picked up some postcards by Texta from the Concordia Coop Bookstore and now I just need some penpals. If you want one of her lovely postcards showing up at your door for free, just e-mail me at “a” at licketysplitzine “dot” com, and include your name and mailing address.



Come see this video in hi-res…

It’s a music video for my band Nightwood.

More here:
sonic sceneries / scènes sonores

where film and music meet

Tuesday, March 13 / mardi le 13 mars
La Sala Rossa, 4848 St-Laurent, $5
doors 8 p.m. / portes 20h00

featuring the work of / en vedette:

Karina Garcia Cassanova – “Disown, Delete”
Marielle “Lela” Quesney – “Listen Kid”
Brigitte Henry – Drifters
Vanya Rose – “Montreal Stories – 1971
Amber Goodwyn – “Blind Assassin”
Sarah Spring – “Black Cab”
Julie Rocque – “Follow My Eyes”
Mary Williamson – “Sonatina”
J.J. Khan & Rebecca Macleod – “The Walk”
Kristy Heeren, Casey Woodfine, Jason Gondziola – “Get To It!”
Justine Ricard & Julie Lowe – “Until the Bones”
Anita Abassi & Erica Ruth Kelly – “That Skirt”