The show is $5, kisses are free!

Don’t miss this last chance to see the current set of songs Montreal’s longest lasting post-punk band The American Devices have been playing around (spanning 3 decades reflecting material off their CD released last year on Grenadine Records) cuz they’re putting them to rest after this show in order to complete a set of all-new songs & won’t be performing again until the new material is ready.

Devices singer/guitarist Rick Trembles provided the visuals for Bunco Unction & is also cartoonist/author of weekly Montreal Mirror comic-strip/movie review column Motion Picture Purgatory. Singer/guitarist Rob Labelle is also a published writer of fiction, bassist Andre Asselin moonlights for various jazz combos (contact him for weddings), & drummer Howard Chackowicz is a Harvey Award nominated cartoonist & radio personality on CBC’s Wire Tap. Both Howard & Andre also play in Nutsak & Bug-Eyed Monster.

Opening up are newcomers Nightwood who will be performing their first official show. According to Nightwood; after just a few short weeks, they have created their own brand of Inner-City story-telling rock music deeply influenced by a collective DIY vision where “projects” will be at the forefront. Nightwood is comprised of Amber Goodwyn, Erin Ross, & Famous Eric (previously of Grenadine Records). Amber Goodwyn also produces the local smutzine Lickety Split & hosts Audio Smut on CKUT radio 90.3 FM.

To celebrate this momentous event American Devices made a brand new music video for all to see on featuring one of the songs they’ll be playing at the show; Bunco Unction. This video includes giant reptiles, aliens from outer space, castles, glass-bottomed boats, claymation, 2-D animation, vintage super-8 footage, Napoleon hats, & of course members of The American Devices. Click here to see it:


Foire / Fair comme si tout allait bien

From May 18 to June 16
Opening: Friday, May 18, starting at 5pm

This exhibition’s original intent was to present a collective expression of the participatory, team spirit that informs the centre’s activities while also highlighting each participant’s complex artistic identity. The first task was to find an idea that would suite active members and reflect the 2006-2007 call for proposals, under the theme As If All Were Well.

After several proposals were rejected, the concept changed and expanded to include all those who had been active at Skol this past year, along with their invitees from among emerging artists and Skol alumni. Artists were invited to present sketches and drawings, expressions of individual impulses and a testament to the source and origin of all artistic projects.

This group show, then, is the outcome of a collective construction developed over the course of a year. It reflects an experimental disposition and offers a living portrait of the Centre, in all its temporal, spatial, and relational ramifications. Whatever the field of practice, all productions emerge from a project, a draft, a vision.

Taking place in a festive atmosphere, the exhibition expresses a diversity and an energy that run both through its program (see right column →) and the works that it presents.

Information : 514-398-9322 |

Participating Artists

Barry Allikas • Matilda Aslizadeh • Héloïse Audy • Ian August • Erin Baillie-Rutter • Jo Ball • Mathieu Beauséjour • Chantal Bélanger • Alexis Bellavance • Thomas Bégin • Jesus Bejar • Françoise Belu • Nancy Belzile • Claudia Bernal • Anne Bertrand • Anne Bérubé • Sarah Blouin • Suzanne Blouin • Catherine Bolduc • Andréanne Bouchard • Carl Bouchard • Belinda Campbell • Dgino Cantin • Nicolas Ceccaldi • Joceline Chabot • Leanne Cipriano • Sébastien Cliche • Cooke-Sasseville • Pete Corrie • Sylvie Cotton • Geneviève Crépeau • Claude Dallaire • Adriana De Oliveira • Nathalie Derome • Robin Deyo • Ève Dorais • Jeremy Drummond • Caroline Dubois • Martin Dufrasne • Patrice Duhamel • Matthieu Dumont • Chantal Durand • Åsa Elzén • Brendan Fernandes • Louis Fortier • Gabrielle & Arthur • Marc Garneau • Manuelle Gauthier • Philippe Girard • Amber Goodwyn • Andrew Harder • Thomas Kneubühler • Guillaume LaBrie • Constance LaBrie • Patric Lacasse • Louis-Pierre Lachapelle • Natalie Lafortune • Francine Lalonde • Marcio Lana-Lopez • Éric Laplante • Maryse Larivière • Geneviève Larouche • Renée Lavaillante • Isabelle Laverdière • Mathieu Lefèvre • Corine Lemieux • Marion Léonard-Contant • Véronique Lépine • Guy L’Heureux • Hélène Lord • Patrice Loubier • Dave Macaulay • Véronique Malo • Jean Marois • Anna Madelska • Louise Mercure • Michael Merrill • Nikki Middlemiss • Aude Moreau • Anne-Marie Ninacs • Alexis O’Hara • Tana Paddock • Christiane Patenaude • Josée Pellerin • Hoang Pham • Liz Phillips • Julie Picard • Mireille Plamondon • Benoit Pontbriand • Éric Raymond • Lucie Robert • Daniel Roy • Bruno Santerre • Hélène Sarrazin • Camille Sarrazin-Dallaire • Bernard Schütze • Chantal Séguin • Vida Simon • Robin Simpson • Anick St-Louis • Gwenaël Stamm • Cindy Stockton Moore • Catherine Sylvain • Julie-Andrée T. • Felicity Tayler • Yves Théoret • Roman Tkaczyk • Marie-Ève Tourigny • Hélène Vanier • Myriam Yates • Mikolaj Ziolkowski


May 11th, 10 pm
Zoobizarre, 6388 St-Hubert, metro Beaubien
$5 or pay-what-you-can

This benefit dance party is for the CKUT Audio Smut radio show ( that we can get some archiving and promotion going on at the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair and such.

Mucho DJs will be present and representing such as Andy Williams, Backdoor and Julie D and there will be an opportunity to make on-the-spot-radio with our Sexy Q & A Radio Booth! Cum prepared or just cum.