Body Double Explorers Club


via smut-to-go

I am taking part of this satellite bit of programming relevant to the EXPERIMENTAL GEOGRAPHY exhibit entitled BODY DOUBLE EXPLORERS CLUB as a guest speaker…um, well speaking while someone in another city relays what I’m saying in person to a captive audience in an interview context. Cool! This Saturday!

  • “Join us Saturday night at the Waffle Shop when six fascinating people from around the world will take our stage for a not-to-be-missed edition of the talk show. The only catch is you, the audience, have to sit in for guests or their voices won’t be heard. Audience members will act as local physical avatars for global guests from countries including Iran, Finland, and India. As our host asks questions, participants in the shop will wear headphones and repeat the virtual guests verbatim.THE BODY DOUBLE EXPLORERS CLUB is an open league whose members explore the world through the bodies of others. THE BODY DOUBLE EXPLORERS CLUB is being presented in conjunction with the exhibition Experimental Geography, Guest curated by Nato Thompson at the Miller Gallery.

From the exhibition notes for EXPERIMENTAL GEOGRAPHY, guest curated by Nato Thompson at the Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University (my bud Astria Suparak is the Director there):

  • “The manifestations of “experimental geography” (a term coined by geographer Trevor Paglen in 2002) run the gamut of contemporary art practice today: sewn cloth cities that spill out of suitcases, bus tours through water treatment centers, performers climbing up the sides of buildings, and sound art of the breaths exhaled in running Boston’s evacuation route. In the hands of contemporary artists, the study of humanity’s engagement with the earth’s surface becomes a riddle best solved in experimental fashion.”

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