Pretty solutions to a deep freeze…

The temperatures will hover around -20 degrees this week, so it’s time to find comfort in beauty! Aesthetic pleasure will keep me warm. I think that femme-y solutions will be best: wearing colours like pastel pink and cream, rose scented everything, finishing my Jane Austen novel, wearing dresses and staying warm at the same time, freshly painted nails and daytime songwriting sessions- because even though it’s cold outside, the sun is brilliant!

Stevie Nicks


Atomic Sex


My bud Jess’s new website Atomic Sex is rad! Listen to a very well-produced audio entry about toys & gadgets right here.

It’s a new year!

Almost the end of January! I’ve never been so hot at New Years resolutions, Top Ten Lists and the like but maybe I’ll try to sum up some stuff here.

I’ve been up to:

  • Booking and touring with my band, Nightwood
  • Planning a trip to Europe!
  • Learning to drive. Kind of. This is taking a while.
  • Learning to knit and crochet
  • Slowly making a one-off zine with my writing, drawings and collage
  • Procrastinating on finishing up and sending out a bunch of mail
  • Working on new songs
  • Improving on my finger tapping technique!
  • Growing my hair long
  • Planning more events for 2010 with my film collective

I hope to post more about this stuff and more right here on this blog! Do check in every now and again, OK?