mots mue more!

mots mue more!

  • Hey folks: The short film I made last November for the One-Take Super 8 Event will be screening this Thursday evening. We’re showing it with the help of a really lovely projector!  I have a piece in the accompanying program/zine as well, so do come on out! A xo

Y-C Lin: “I have an absurd obsession to deconstruct sentences into words, words into letters, letters into shapes, shapes into colours, until I wonder how anything, in the entire history of communication, has made any sense. Yes, it is time for showcasing films on poetry, on words, on letters, on lyrical linguistic abstraction.

Please come join us on Thursday, April 8th for Mots Mue More, a screening of short film and video works. We will also be launching An Ill-Lettered Zine, a handcrafted booklet composed of interesting and obscure facts on letters and a micro collection of poetry.

As a bonus, filmmaker and multi-disciplinary artist Amber Goodwyn will be in attendance to present her film POLYP on 8mm!”

Projection 20:30
Friperie [pøte:tr]
6029A ave. du Parc, Montréal
(entre Bernard et Van Horne)

Amber Goodwyn
Canada, 2009, super 8, silent, 02:50

Nika Khanjani
Canada, 2007, 16mm to dv, sound, 07:54

Peter Rose
US, 1982, 16mm, sound, 15:26

Francesca Silveri
UK, 2010, dv, sound, 03:11

Kim Kielhofner
Canada, 2008, dv, sound, 04:12

Malcolm Sutherland
Canada, 2005, dv, sound, 04:57


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