What’s up, doc.

In Stepney Green, London this past May. Please note the I 'Heart' Mr. Darcy bag purchased at the Jane Austen Center in York.

Summer in the city! My partner Mike and I have been traveling quite a bit this year, so I can’t wait to settle in at home these next few weeks and enjoy our Verdun neighborhood parks and pools and Montreal terrasses everywhere. There really is no place like Montreal! I was walking downtown last night and looked around and had the uncanny sensation of being a creature milling about it’s proper environment. Weird, non?

These days: starting to miss our UK trip– especially Edinborough, scribbling about the June tour, recording a new song this weekend, eating local farm fresh veggies from our CSA Ferme Zephyr (more below), cooking now that we’re not traveling for a few weeks, getting excited about slow cabin life in Saskatchewan, reading lots of blogs and also the Sword of My Mouth graphic novel by Jim Munroe and Shannon Gerard about life in post-rapture America…a lot of the plot centers around an urban farm, which feels right for me with all of these veggies in the frigo!

Also: making lemon-mint water is the best. Just fill a jug with cold water, a handful of fresh mint and half a lemons worth of lemon slices and you’ve got true liquid refreshment!

Our first share from our CSA!

What was available: Escarole / Chou-rave –kohlrabi / bette-a- carde / kale / basilic / broccoli /mint / garlic stems

Beautiful swiss chard!

Garlic shoots are curly!

The Co-op Maison Verte and Ferme Zephyr have set up a freezer/fridge selling local, organic meat.

What the farm grows...I hope to visit one day.

The two Jae Steele cookbooks I've been obsessed with lately.

Hope everyone had an OK moving day/Canada Day!


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