Save Cinematheque Ontario!

Hello! Please consider signing this petition and kindly forward to fellow cinema lovers, thanks!!

Dear TIFF,
We the undersigned are asking the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) to reverse your decision to rename Cinematheque Ontario.

TIFF is a film festival.
The Cinematheque is a year-round exhibition space.

While the Cinematheque celebrates auteurs, world cinema, contemporary and historical avant-gardes, etc., TIFF is doing something completely different in its role as a 10-day film festival.

To retitle Cinematheque Ontario as “TIFF Cinematheque” is curiously anachronistic and suggests ignorance of what Cinematheques around the world signify. In a city with Scotiabank Nuit Blanche and Scotiabank Contact Festival, it seems to us short sighted to name a storied and successful Cinematheque after a parent company known primarily as a launching pad for Hollywood film.

Cinematheque Ontario receives $228,000 annually from The Canada Council, as well as additional funding from other public sources. These public tax funds are designated in support of a public institution that belongs to the people and to the constituency that supports it.

Cinematheque Ontario inherited and is custodian of the rich history of the Ontario Film Institute. It is not an appropriate entity for TIFF to brand and consume as part of the festival’s marketing agenda.

We, the cineastes and supporters of the Cinematheque Ontario, ask you to do the right thing and maintain the Cinematheque, cherished instrument of our film heritage, as separate from the industry commitment of the TIFF Festival. Each has its place; to confound them and reduce the scope of the film world in Ontario would, in our view, be unwise.

Hence our request that TIFF reconsider this inappropriate renaming.



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