Stuff I like today…

It’s a rainy day in Montreal and I’m having a lovely afternoon drinking tea, eating cookies and hanging out with the mister and my cats while I blog away. I’ve handed in an article for a magazine (it’s about zines… more about that in the future) so we’re just maxing and relaxing before going out this evening. Here’s some stuff that I like today…

We're listening to Neil Diamond.

I got old lady-ish and bought some 'room spray' and soap from the 'Nantucket' line by Crabtree & Evelyn

Picked up tickets to see Les Savy Fav at Pop MTL this October!

Reading and loving yet another John Irving book- this time 'Until I Find You'. Click for NY Times book review.

Trying to forget the scariness of John Carpenter's "The Thing" (1982). Twas on in the background when I was reading last night.

Drinking vinho verde!

Add to this list: shopping for new boots on Etsy, writing new songs, cooking dinner, picking up new veggies from the CSA, hanging out with my family.



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