Vegetarian Soul Food

Non-veggie soul food...mmm.

Mmm. I am on a non-carnivorous HUNT for excellent vegetarian and vegan soul food recipes. Having grown up in the Bahamas, I do enjoy soul food immensely. I’m not vegetarian but I do try to keep my meat intake at a minimum…plus soul food can be high in fat and calories, so I’m hoping that the veggie versions are bit more healthy as I’m not as active as I’d like to be.

My bud Tony (originally from Florida) has recommended Soul Veg to me and will be bringing in their cookbook so that I can drool all over it and photocopy some recipes. Check out their mandate.

Homework! I’m going to create a vegetarian/vegan soul food menu and share it on this here blog in the coming weeks with photos and the like. Check back soon!


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