Less sun, more shade

Sears The Shoe Place tied fringe leather loafer

As the days get shorter, I’m falling out of love with my summer dresses, sandals, my white blouses and the like. I’m growing more interested in boyish separates, tailored garments and earth and rust tones…I know- nothing ground breaking for fall! I just can’t wait to get back into my brown tweed blazer and black leather jacket, to slip into my newly purchased loafers (from Etsy & pictured above) that will replace my old, ragged moccasins which I don’t feel so good about anymore- too culture-appropriating for me. I’ll wear cool-weather dresses like my bow-necked secretary style frocks as well as my dark blue jeans. I may do a bit of thrifting to hunt around for more button-up boy shirts and cardigans to pair with them. For dressiness, I’d like to collect a bit of velvet, but nothing black or crushed. Lastly, I can’t wait to check out what Lalouka cooks up in the next month or so! Yessss!

From CaliVintage

From Sally Jane Vintage


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