I don’t follow fashion week coverage (from any city) too closely. However, I came across these photos today and found that the groovy, comfy simplicity and femininity of these Fendi threads deeply appealed to me. It’s pleasantly strange to be attracted to these clothes when I usually don’t pay much attention or relate to that particular fashion house.

I feel like Ms. O’Keefe could have warmed to these clothes too, if she were born a bit later and had a Liz Taylor streak in her.

Photos from The Sartorialist.


Home As Souvenir, Memorial

  • What style would you call your home?G.W.: Memorial. Almost everything represents gifts from friends, family. Books represent many paths taken and are too precious to part with (although they overflow all available space).  In bookcases, on tables, every possible surface there are photographs and mementos of our beloved dead as well as recordings of events of our lives, mixed with images of our heroes: Chavez, Malcolm X… (Excerpt from Paper Magazine/The Selby interview with filmmaker Albert Maysles and psychotherapist Gillian Walker on their home)
  • Albert Maysles  on IMDb (Gimme Shelter, Grey Gardens)
  • More photos of their home on The Selby
  • Interview on PaperMag
  • This is pretty much how we feather the nest here at the Goodwyn/Rollo manse and what we hope the future portends (giant library, witchy kitchen, private screening room- but nothing nutso-crazy-huge). A pool would be nice too! Ha!

    Quebec Abortion Update: Reimbursements

    From the Regie de l’assurance maladie Quebec website: Quebec government is reimbursing abortion fees paid between 1999 and 2008:

    • Following an agreement, the Superior Court of the District of Montréal handed down a decision providing compensation to women who paid to obtain a voluntary interruption of pregnancy between February 23, 2006 and January 13, 2008. The judgment also allowed for reopening of the first claim period, specifically from May 2, 1999 to February 22, 2006.The Court designated the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec as the claims administrator. In keeping with its obligation, the Régie protects the confidentiality of all claims received.

    Visit the RAMQ site for more info and reimbursement sheets! Hurrah!

    Emmenagogue // Abortifacient

    Ginger Powder

    Non-chewable vitamin C


    DISCLAIMER: I am not a health practitioner and the following information is not professional medical advice. Please use these remedies with a healthy dose of your own best judgment.

    I believe that folks should have access to all options available to them regarding how to end or avoid pregnancy so that they are as well-equipped as possible to make informed choices. This blog entry is meant to supplement my earlier post about abortion clinics in Montreal. Described below are a few options one might try before deciding to seek an abortion or to continue with a pregnancy. Please share both of these posts with your friends and community if you find them helpful! For more information about contraceptives, please check out SexualityAndYou.ca.

    Definitions (Merriam Webster):

    • Emmenagogue: an agent that promotes the menstrual discharge
    • Abortifacient: an agent (as a drug) that induces abortion

    Sometimes shit happens (risky sex, broken condoms, missed contraceptive pills, etc) and one can miss their period and be concerned that they are/can get pregnant. If this happens, it is possible to concoct simple and cheap home remedies to bring on one’s period. I am listing a three abortifacients below, however, there are other options that are described in the zines I’ve recommended below. I’m basing these recommendations on the ones described in Wive’s Tales zine; the author of that zine notes that each of these remedies count as emmenagogues as well. The zine also recommends that if one uses an abortifacient, to avoid inserting anything into the vagina (penises, fingers, tampons, sex toys, taking baths) in order to avoid infection and notes that bleeding/spotting “up to a couple of weeks is normal. Your next period can be 3-10 weeks later than usual, but after that everything should be back to peachiness”.

    • Ground Ginger Powder: Put 1 1/2 tsp. of ginger powder into a mug and pour one cup of hot water over it. Stir it up and honey to help with the taste. Potential side effects are diarrhea and that it can burn your throat and belly a bit. Make sure to stir it every now while drinking as the ginger powder can settle at the bottom.
    • Vitamin C: Ingest 6000 mg of vitamin C each day for 5 days. This one is best taken before your next period is expected. This also can cause diarrhea and is not recommended if you have bladder issues. After risky sex, you can also insert one non-chewable vitamin C tablet into your vagina which works as a kind of spermicide (makes your vagina way acidic) immediately after your risky encounter.
    • Parsley: Steep 1 tbs. in one cup of hot water for 20 minutes and then drink. The WT zine recommends inserting a bunch of parsly in one’s vagina every 6 hours for 3 days, before missing your period. I’ve also heard of inserting a sprig of parsley into the opening of one’s cervix (the os) which acts as an irritant and will cause the bleeding. I would guess that this would work best before the next expected period as well. In order to insert the parsley, I would recommned that one use a speculum, a flashlight and a partner with washed hands to help. Here’s more on how to use a speculum to view the cervix.

    Note: It can be helpful to record one’s menstrual cycle in an agenda/on a calendar/an on-line (ex: Google) calendar. This way one can become familiar with the length of one’s menstrual cycle and therefore possibly be more able to spot irregularities (like late periods, absence of a menstrual cycle) when they happen. Not everyone’s cycle is 28 days long, as is often suggested.

    Important: For emergencies, dial 911. For non-emergencies and health-related questions, Quebec residents can dial 811, which is the nurse-run CLSC Info-Sante line.

    Recommended Reading:

    • Hot Pants (zine): Originally produced by the now-defunct Montreal-based Blood Sisters, this is a lean and mean guide about DIY gynecology. There’s a bit of info on ShamelessMag.com about how to go about getting a copy, however one can get in touch with Head & Hands to review/photocopy the office copy.
    • Wive’s Tales (zine): A small write up can be found on ZineWiki. Also, the above mentioned remedies are based on instructions found in this zine. I believe that copies can be found here.

    Ça Marche (Street Style) 2010!

    Today my Head & Hands co-workers and I took part in the annual Farha Foundation Ça Marche AIDS Walk here in Montreal! We came, we danced in the streets, we raised money for sex-ed! Our team is currently the leading fundraising team as listed on the Farha site and we’re damn proud of our hustle!

    Thanks to all who sponsored me in the walk, whether on-line or in-person. Your generosity and support are wonderfully moving gestures of solidarity. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! xo

    Didn’t get to donate in time for the walk? Don’t fret! You still have time: we’ll be raising funds until December 31st. All proceeds will go directly toward Head & Hands’ sex-ed program for youth, The Sense Project.

    Now…onto what I like to call Ca Marche Street Style 2010! (If there’s a photo of you you’d rather not have posted let me know in the comments section and I’ll take it down!)

    Marlo, La Grande Fromage of H&H, in a queer slogan tee with red (for HIV-awareness) accents!

    Leah, fundraiser and gayrobics vamp, in an NDG hip-hop tee plus requisite Ca Marche shiny mini-skirt. Her mini-scissors pendant is for cutting yarn! Big knitter this one.

    Jordan, wearing an interpretation of the traditional AIDS awareness ribbon paired with denim and bike shorts.

    Rhonda sports a colourful scarf while Tony pairs denim cut-offs and red sleeves.

    L. goes for our suggested Rocky Horror theme with gusto! Love the 'Farhabulous' sash.

    Punk steeze + shades.

    Aviators + tucked in long locks!

    Fist bumps and hoodies for chilly shady spots along the route!

    Cute raven-haired pixie cuts pair beautifully with flame-haired Sense coordinators.

    Mouth full of apple and a blue Stella t-shirt pair well with gingham and straw hat.

    Nothing screams confidence like a positive, can-do attitude!

    Modified bike with trailer lugs along spekaers donated by Steve's to blare our dance tunes (CeeLo, Michael Jackson, Spice Girls, etc)

    Spiderman is endlessly attracted to web-free digits. He communicated only in whistles.

    All in all, very successful Ca Marche fundraising, booty-shaking had by all! (Yes, this was my chosen outfit for a 7km walk through Montreal's downtown core)

    Right to choose: some abortion clinics in Montreal

    I work at Head & Hands, a youth org in Montreal, and while we don’t perform abortions at our medical clinic, we do have a long history of supporting abortion rights and a female-bodied person’s right to choose. We have a free pamphlet about abortion that’s available to pick up at our main office and it contains a list of abortion clinics in Montreal, their services and other info one might find helpful. Something folks should know is that abortions are free with medicare in Quebec.  I thought I might share some info here with y’all about what is available to us Montrealers!

    Abortion Clinics in Montreal

    Some interesting and helpful links:

    Note:  I removed this photo from the post because I wanted this entry to be easier to read for folks who are not familiar with the abortion rights struggle and might not understand the image or could be intimidated by it. I do appreciate and depict symbols like these in other arenas of my work.

    Stuff I like today…

    The. Best. Purse. Ever. Spotted on The Clothes Horse.

    OK! Found the purse on eBay…can’t justify buying it right now, but I’m gonna keep it in my bookmarks folder under “wanted”. My fave is the black version (the ebay store has a few other colours),  which is pictured above.

    My new tuning pedal! A frigging life-saver and an amazing gift from my bud Erin!

    Sweet poster for the 11-11 Animal Rescue anniversary party for this Saturday and Nightwood is playing!

    Love this tune “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers right now:

    Love that the nails are still intact!

    Love my kitties too and when Lola perches on the back of my chair while I type!


    Cosley Football Player, Ren Netherland/Animal Photography, groomed by J. Cosley, 2009

    nSteelers Hair Helmet, design by Little Willie, photograph by David Yellen from the book Hair Wars, 2006

    Denny DeLuca’s Steeler Room, Whatever It Takes, exhibition photo

    SuperFan by Lem Apperson, photo by P. Fitzgibbons

    My bud Astria‘s new show at the Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University looks like excellent fun! It’s called Whatever It Takes: Steelers Fan Collections, Rituals, and Obsessions:

    If space aliens landed in Pittsburgh, what would they determine was the dominant culture that unified the populace? It could only be Steelers culture.

    Steelers culture is Pittsburgh’s popular culture, and the fans are its primary producers. Often overlooked in discussions of pop culture, much less “high” culture, sports fans are portrayed as immature, uncritical, and passive consumers blindly following a branded product.”

    More here. On until Jan. 30 2011!

    Ça Marche Update!

    Hello everyone,

    Ca Marche update! Thanks to y’all, I surpassed my initial fundraising goal of $100! Together, we’ve raised $160 $210 for sex-ed and AIDS prevention. Yay!!!!

    So, to celebrate, I’ve upped the ante and have increased my fundraising goal to $250. Please help me meet my lofty goals by supporting me here (and have a look at me wolfing down pizza): http://my.e2rm.com/personalPage.aspx?registrationID=950956&langPref=en-CA

    UPDATE: When donating, make sure to choose “A Deux Mains/Head & Hands” from the drop-down list. Thanks!

    Thanks so much for you support- every little bit counts! The walk is next Sunday, Sept. 17th! Photos and video to come.

    A xo