Water Logged

I’m showing a short video at this one-night art show in Mile End. The video is called Lyric for Our Home Song (Video Sketch) and I made it in 2006 and it originally premiered at the Antimatter Film Festival in Victoria BC. Join us! Facebook event is here. Program description below:

As summer draws to a close we start to feel the pressures of life’s possibilities and choices, suddenly we make decisions and vows and feel the need to draw out a plan. Throughout the ending season we have let things go and more or less drifted along for a few months as best we could in order to fully enjoy our surroundings in these ideal but sometimes oppressive climes. Water often taking a large …role in our activities.

Suddenly things are changing and it’s sometimes hard to take. We not only feel bogged down by the pressure to act responsibly but also by the pressure of not wanting to let go. Not wanting to let this season end. Our bodies perhaps fearing the cold. Wanting to bask in the sun and to use a pool, some drinks and some friends as weapons of defence. Our bodies have become so saturated with the joys of summertime fun that we find it difficult to fathom letting go and moving forward. We have allowed the density of heat, water and the elements to take over and now that its time to take flight we are held down by the collective desire to party.

To deal with this transition, we created waterlogged. It’s an end of season showcase of video, photo, performance and live sound representing the collective shaking off of the water and the movement towards new beginnings. Forward movement.



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