OK, so a little while back I got all soap-box-ish about no longer wanting to buy clothes firsthand if I wasn’t sure whether the working conditions were fair to garment manufacturing workers. My main concern about this more-choosy lifestyle was about being able to find underwear (not wanting to buy from American Apparel only, for example). I’d heard of awesome folks who made their own out of old t-shirts and the like, so I searched up around for some undies-making sewing tutorials and here’s what I found:

"How to make boxers tutorial" - an easy quide to close-fitting, stretchy material underpants.

"Bikini Undies to Hipster Undies" - a tutorial about making a pattern from a fave pair of panties.

"Sew Your Own Skivvies" - a tutorial about making undies from t-shirts.

..Aaaaand, for a lil’ something different and (indie) store bought, check out LunaPanties which are “a wonderful hybrid of underwear and Lunapads that have a fleece gusset panel permanently sewn in, making them an all-in-one replacement for disposable Pads and Pantyliners”.

A happy, menstruatin' gal modeling Lunapads' LunaPanties!

Aaaalso, vintage panties/bloomers/etc are also always and option…here’s an example from Etsy below:

"vintage PANTIES Lace Ruffled Minty Blue Size S" from SnapVintage


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