Cosley Football Player, Ren Netherland/Animal Photography, groomed by J. Cosley, 2009

nSteelers Hair Helmet, design by Little Willie, photograph by David Yellen from the book Hair Wars, 2006

Denny DeLuca’s Steeler Room, Whatever It Takes, exhibition photo

SuperFan by Lem Apperson, photo by P. Fitzgibbons

My bud Astria‘s new show at the Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University looks like excellent fun! It’s called Whatever It Takes: Steelers Fan Collections, Rituals, and Obsessions:

If space aliens landed in Pittsburgh, what would they determine was the dominant culture that unified the populace? It could only be Steelers culture.

Steelers culture is Pittsburgh’s popular culture, and the fans are its primary producers. Often overlooked in discussions of pop culture, much less “high” culture, sports fans are portrayed as immature, uncritical, and passive consumers blindly following a branded product.”

More here. On until Jan. 30 2011!


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