Right to choose: some abortion clinics in Montreal

I work at Head & Hands, a youth org in Montreal, and while we don’t perform abortions at our medical clinic, we do have a long history of supporting abortion rights and a female-bodied person’s right to choose. We have a free pamphlet about abortion that’s available to pick up at our main office and it contains a list of abortion clinics in Montreal, their services and other info one might find helpful. Something folks should know is that abortions are free with medicare in Quebec.  I thought I might share some info here with y’all about what is available to us Montrealers!

Abortion Clinics in Montreal

Some interesting and helpful links:

Note:  I removed this photo from the post because I wanted this entry to be easier to read for folks who are not familiar with the abortion rights struggle and might not understand the image or could be intimidated by it. I do appreciate and depict symbols like these in other arenas of my work.


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