Ça Marche (Street Style) 2010!

Today my Head & Hands co-workers and I took part in the annual Farha Foundation Ça Marche AIDS Walk here in Montreal! We came, we danced in the streets, we raised money for sex-ed! Our team is currently the leading fundraising team as listed on the Farha site and we’re damn proud of our hustle!

Thanks to all who sponsored me in the walk, whether on-line or in-person. Your generosity and support are wonderfully moving gestures of solidarity. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! xo

Didn’t get to donate in time for the walk? Don’t fret! You still have time: we’ll be raising funds until December 31st. All proceeds will go directly toward Head & Hands’ sex-ed program for youth, The Sense Project.

Now…onto what I like to call Ca Marche Street Style 2010! (If there’s a photo of you you’d rather not have posted let me know in the comments section and I’ll take it down!)

Marlo, La Grande Fromage of H&H, in a queer slogan tee with red (for HIV-awareness) accents!

Leah, fundraiser and gayrobics vamp, in an NDG hip-hop tee plus requisite Ca Marche shiny mini-skirt. Her mini-scissors pendant is for cutting yarn! Big knitter this one.

Jordan, wearing an interpretation of the traditional AIDS awareness ribbon paired with denim and bike shorts.

Rhonda sports a colourful scarf while Tony pairs denim cut-offs and red sleeves.

L. goes for our suggested Rocky Horror theme with gusto! Love the 'Farhabulous' sash.

Punk steeze + shades.

Aviators + tucked in long locks!

Fist bumps and hoodies for chilly shady spots along the route!

Cute raven-haired pixie cuts pair beautifully with flame-haired Sense coordinators.

Mouth full of apple and a blue Stella t-shirt pair well with gingham and straw hat.

Nothing screams confidence like a positive, can-do attitude!

Modified bike with trailer lugs along spekaers donated by Steve's to blare our dance tunes (CeeLo, Michael Jackson, Spice Girls, etc)

Spiderman is endlessly attracted to web-free digits. He communicated only in whistles.

All in all, very successful Ca Marche fundraising, booty-shaking had by all! (Yes, this was my chosen outfit for a 7km walk through Montreal's downtown core)


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