Styley: Inspiration

Cotton candy hair (Worn Fashion Journal)

Space Suit (Cocorosa)

White, waistless dress (The Sartorialist). Not just for summer.

Sparkely shoes! (The Clothes Horse)

Jessika Fancy, the local nail lady, is back in town!


Liverpool, England

“In 1955 there were still more than 11,000 gas lamps lighting the streets and alleys of Liverpool and the Corporation Cleansing Department still used horse-drawn wagons to collect the garbage: fifty-seven heavy shire horses, direct descendants of the old English war horse, capable of carrying a knight in full armour, pulled the heavy wagons, their iron-shod hoofs striking sparks from the cobbles.”

  • Paul McCartney, Many Years From Now by Barry Miles

Reading this book (and some others as pictured on Tumblr)…cool to have been able to see some of the places mentioned in the writing, thanks to our trip to the UK this past May. Some photos from Liverpool are below!

Looking out across the river from the docks.

Muddy riverbanks.

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds Cafe, on the orginal site of The Cavern.

Support Audio Smut

Sex positive radio!

For the next few weeks, CKUT 90.3FM will be holding it’s annual funding drive to help cover their operating costs. Worthy cause people! Radio is freefreefree and the content on this station is awesome and envelope-pushing, so show your appreciation in a manner that will sustain this collective, community-based enterprise!

For my part, I’m planning to support the sex-positive radio show, Audio Smut. The program airs the first Wednesday of every month between 6-7pm and can listened to on the dial, on-line or via podcast. I wish I could embed their sexy mp3 incentive that’s being sent around…alas WordPress ain’t having it!

Update: But don’t listen to me, listen to them moan it out!


  • More about Audio Smut: Audio Smut is a racy radio show exploring the vast terrain of sexuality. We are a feminist collective of sex positive activists who are committed to finding creative ways of challenging notions of decency. We’re here to shake things up, moan in your ears, and provoke your inner pervert.
  • # 2 Radio Show in Montreal 2010!!!
  • Honourable Mention in Best Radio Show category, Best of Montreal, 2009.
  • Consider donating to CKUT. It costs 60$ an hour to keep the radio broadcasting. Every bit counts.
  • Call 514.907.9424 to pledge or online. Make sure to say you are pledging to Audio Smut
  • The highest donor will get this signed poster from Buck Angel.

Autumn passing through, light is calling

This video is entitled Light is Calling by Bill Morrison, with music by the composer Michael Gordon. Usually I don’t post films that are meant to be viewed in the theatre on-line, but this video was uploaded by Morrison himself, so we are lucky to have access to it.

Posting this today for anyone who’s had a family member or a close friend become ill or start to fade away. My best wishes to those I know who are living through this right now.

October looks like this, so far

Activities this October: baking, recording, grant writing, celebrating, dreaming, reading, meetings, eating, drinking, making merry…


Getting nuts at the Festival Nouveau Cinema

An unexpected march, happens in Montreal from time to time.

An excellent opportunity for dog lovers to celebrate my high holiday!

Orange pumpkins with orange price tags begging me to buy them outside Mont Royal metro station.

Dinner at Chez Doval, an excellent restaurant in Montreal

Dancing with my co-workers at Korova to DJ Waahli's tunes!

The Goode Neighbours!

Zombie Pumpkins!

Mike, choosing our pumpkin carefully...


Waiting our turn to buy scallops at the Atwater Market fish monger

Coppola's merlot

Fresh soda bread!

Our pumpkin at home!

S-s-s-scary s-s-s-supermarket!

Grant writing with cats, laptop, tea and The Two Towers

Full moon fever!

Plus, watching awesome Halloween-ish movies on the telly…

Grant My Wishes

Coffee, tea and wifi

Cozy sweaters, laptops and hot beverages are the order of the day during grant writing season. More blog posts in the future, promise. xo

Wondrous Marvels

Somewhere in between the awe-inspiring rooms of Holy Spaces like temples and churches and the individual or collective comment of Art is the hubbub of Entertainment (more informational monuments are journalism and advertising, though sometimes they are just as awe-inspiring in their design). I like these photos of a seaside carnival all shut up in the off-season…feels appropriate for a mid-October post. Photos from Tiny Banquet Committee.

I found my way to that post via a link on …An Endless Banquet about the Hitchcock film The Trouble With Harry. This got me thinking about that filmmaker and my love for his cinematic wonder/marvel The Birds, another autumnal feeling film (Does Hitchcock best count as Art? Religion? Entertainment? Perhaps all). I love the genre-bending plot, the colour scheme of the sets and costumes (pale greens, icy blondes, smoky grays, pale yellows and blood red) and the beautiful horror of the story in general…a film professor of mine was absolutely in love with Hitchcock as an auteur and she truly opened my eyes with her practically frame-by-frame approach to teaching his films. The professor’s name is Johanne Larue and I think she’s just the best at instilling a genuine love and appreciation for film in her students. Images below from It’s Only A Movie (An Alfred Hitchcock Blog) and the 1000 Frames of Hitchcock Project.

I get by with a little help from collage

My dear, sweet band will be playing next Thursday at the charmingly cave-like L’Escogriffe (4467 St. Denis, just below Mont Royal) and it might be the last show we play in Montreal in 2011. We’ll be playing some new songs which we’re quite excited about, so I do encourage you to make it out! The Facebook event is here and tickets can be purchased in advance right here.

I collage-d this baby: