Clean That Room Of One’s Own


Ash the Kittie helps make sense of a Built by Wendy dress pattern


So, I’ve joined the league of those who work from home. This new lifestyle is a pretty big adjustment in variety of ways: financially, daily routines, social life, etc. These days I am focusing on being A Musician and I’m working closely with my band mates. Having multi-tasked for years at my day job and in my creative life, I’m learning to stop coordinating everything down to the tiniest detail and am honing my ability to try and do one thing as well as I can. The lovely side of these changes are the discoveries I make that I could never plan for, as well as the renewed sense of being a student (I think it’s been five years since I finished university). Whenever the shadow side emerges (self-doubt, pessimism) I try to quell it as best I can.


Summer dresses being readied for winter hibernation!


Outside of music, I’ve become Suzy Homemaker. True, it’s only been a few days, but I’m sure at least some of this domestically responsible chutzpah will stick! Each day I’ve had to stop myself from posting entries like “I made the bed three days in a row!” and “I’ve planned meals for the week” and “I’ve switched out my summer clothes and made apple streusel muffins!”. I’m getting bruises from patting myself on the back so often. I’m normally a pretty messy person so this has been awesome. There are two real reasons behind this new motivation: I actually do love to cook and it sucks having to work out of a messy space. So yeah, I’m not about to get the dusting done by noon so that I can justify a martini in the early afternoon, but this ain’t sucking.


Rainy Verdun


Miscellaneous: Trying to figure out how to work excercise in to theeee routine, learning to crochet soon (was gifted with lessons from my Mom!), recording some more with the band soon, sewing a dress, crossing things off of the to-do list!




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