Expo 67’s Jamaica Pavillion

The pavilion yesterday, constructed as part of the 'Man and His World' theme of the world fair.

Today, Mike and I went to a wonderful couples’ wedding celebration at the Jamaica Pavilion on Parc Jean Drapeau, the site of the Expo 67 World Fair! So exciting- we took the metro (a system that was inaugurated in October 1966 under Mayor Drapeau) and a bus which dropped us off at the casino (bleh) and then we got to walk through a fabulous park. The October leaves were lovely and we took advantage of the casual-come-as-you-are dress code and wore cozy fall sweaters in autumnal colours. It’s neat to explore a part of one’s hometown that yer not familiar with- especially with such cool history. The Jamaica Pavilion has recently been rebuilt and was a beautiful spot to celebrate the union of these two excellent people, one of whom has Jamaican heritage.  Best part of all: the meal, a Jamaican-inspired BBQ,  which was provided by the folks behind one of my fave food blogs …An Endless Banquet.

Interesting internet reads:

  • Expo 67 World Fair on Wikipedia and an on-line photo collection
  • Montreal Metro fan site (“The metro is for Montreal what the boulevards are for Paris or the canals for Venice.” – Jean-Claude Germain, historian) and Wikipedia page
  • The year 1967 in music, “The Summer of Love”
  • “Expodition” – CBC Radio’s daily guide to the pavilions, the people, the pleasures and the problems of Expo 67 – 38 radio clips are featured – (Source)
  • The Jamaica Pavilion today!


    Excellent food from ...An Endless Banquet! The Jamaican rum was yummy too.

    We explored a cactus garden...

    ...And then tried it on for size!

    Note Mike's cool photographer shadow



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