Thankful: Two videos pour vous

Harvest times!

I’m not into the colonialist/racist/genocidal roots of the Thanksgiving (CAN)/Colombus Day (USA) holidays, but I do appreciate setting aside time to appreciate the bounty of our lives while keeping aware of justice that still needs to served at home and else where. With this in mind I’d like to share two very different but equally awesome videos. I am also considering moving my Day of Gratefulness and Thanks to the autumnal equinox each year.

This first video was posted on Racialicious blog as part of an entry by Jessica Yee entitled Telling the Truth and Accountability on Colombus Day/Thanksgiving:

This second video is by my hilarious bud Kathleen and her new dance troupe, Cats Meow. It speaks to my twelve-year-old heart and for that I am thankful!

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