Stuff I Like Today

Photo by Erin Ross

Goodness me, I’m exhausted! Yet blogging! My band is in the studio again and the days are long and sometimes a bit draining. Not to worry though: we’re bouyed by good humor, excitement about the music and excellent producer Martin Horn. I do love blogs and blogging so despite my fatigue this evening, here’s a collection of stuff that I’ve been enjoying lately. Click on the images to visit the relevant sites! File under: humor, crafts and blood.

  • Getting some sewing done! I found a silk screen by my bud Sarah Mangle kicking around in my fabric box so I backed it with some red fabric, stuffed that and now it sits on our couch like so:

  • Cooking! I’ve been noticing that my energy levels are up and my skin is clearer now that I’ve increased the nurition of my food simply by incorporating more whole foods into my diet.


Curried brown rice with cinnamon, almonds and (mostly) seasonal veggies.

  • The Bitter End web TV series! So, I’m a little late to the party but these episodes are hilarious and they keep me up too late at night. We met one of the actors at the wedding celebration on Sunday and now we’re hooked.


  • Wayne Coyne’s poster made with his own blood. Even though this kinda made me a bit grossed out, this video makes me excited to work in my studio after recording and grant writing is all wrapped up this month. Is that silly? I like his zany chutzpah and I like silk screening, so it kind of makes sense? I like it. Also: if Mr. Coyne menstruated once a month, how would his (and other cisgendered male artists) relationship to blood be different? Just a thought.
  • Seeing Red (Part 1 & 2) on Ideas the CBC Radio 1 program. This program “explores menstruation from a cultural and historical perspective.” This show reminds me of my menstual activism days! Image below is by the British artist Ingrid Berthon-Moine and the subject of her photograph is wearing her own menstrual blood as lipstick. This particular image is called Red Star and is featured in the series Red Is The Colour.



  1. oooo i listened to that radio piece too, i found it really interesting. a lot of it wasn’t new to me, but i found it so well-produced.

    i watched the entire series of the bitter end in like a week! it’s addictive when you don’t have to wait once a week to watch it. i laughed my ass off at some of the sibling relationship stuff, especially the drug episode. oh god.

  2. Glad you’ve enjoyed this stuff also!

    I also didn’t find that the radio show contained too much new info, but I was pleased that people across the country would gt an earful if they weren’t usually tuned into that sorta info and history. Thanks for commenting!

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