Wondrous Marvels

Somewhere in between the awe-inspiring rooms of Holy Spaces like temples and churches and the individual or collective comment of Art is the hubbub of Entertainment (more informational monuments are journalism and advertising, though sometimes they are just as awe-inspiring in their design). I like these photos of a seaside carnival all shut up in the off-season…feels appropriate for a mid-October post. Photos from Tiny Banquet Committee.

I found my way to that post via a link on …An Endless Banquet about the Hitchcock film The Trouble With Harry. This got me thinking about that filmmaker and my love for his cinematic wonder/marvel The Birds, another autumnal feeling film (Does Hitchcock best count as Art? Religion? Entertainment? Perhaps all). I love the genre-bending plot, the colour scheme of the sets and costumes (pale greens, icy blondes, smoky grays, pale yellows and blood red) and the beautiful horror of the story in general…a film professor of mine was absolutely in love with Hitchcock as an auteur and she truly opened my eyes with her practically frame-by-frame approach to teaching his films. The professor’s name is Johanne Larue and I think she’s just the best at instilling a genuine love and appreciation for film in her students. Images below from It’s Only A Movie (An Alfred Hitchcock Blog) and the 1000 Frames of Hitchcock Project.

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