October looks like this, so far

Activities this October: baking, recording, grant writing, celebrating, dreaming, reading, meetings, eating, drinking, making merry…


Getting nuts at the Festival Nouveau Cinema

An unexpected march, happens in Montreal from time to time.

An excellent opportunity for dog lovers to celebrate my high holiday!

Orange pumpkins with orange price tags begging me to buy them outside Mont Royal metro station.

Dinner at Chez Doval, an excellent restaurant in Montreal

Dancing with my co-workers at Korova to DJ Waahli's tunes!

The Goode Neighbours!

Zombie Pumpkins!

Mike, choosing our pumpkin carefully...


Waiting our turn to buy scallops at the Atwater Market fish monger

Coppola's merlot

Fresh soda bread!

Our pumpkin at home!

S-s-s-scary s-s-s-supermarket!

Grant writing with cats, laptop, tea and The Two Towers

Full moon fever!

Plus, watching awesome Halloween-ish movies on the telly…


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