Halloween Two Zero One Zero

I admit that I’ve been a bit Halloween/harvest crazy as of late- I love this season and all it’s homey and silly comforts! However, despite my autumnal fervor, my body had different plans for me and I got sickish and then tired-ish after an out-of-town gig with my band. So this weekend has largely been all about cozy-ing up, hatching plans for The Future and resting up after a pretty heavy week. Yesterday (Sunday) was Halloween and I had a wonderful time giving out candy to kids (and some teens) at The Goode Neighbours’ house, drinking wine, eating candy and pizza and watching not-so-great-but-fun scary movies (Gothika/Scream/Splice/Nightmare on Elm Street…the shitty remake).

Overseeing Mike the contractor's carve job whilst watching Gothika on the Diva channel.

GROUP CARVE over at The Goode Neighbours house + toasting pumpkin seeds



Erin! (Note the Freddy Kruger tee)


Me! With pumpkins. (Photo E. Ross)

Happy Pumpkins tempt candy-seeking kids and teens!

Mike's pumpkin!

Erin's pumpkin!

Justin's pumpkin!

Closest I got to a costume this year! Life through skull-coloured glasses!


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