Stuff I Like Today

Image: Frame enlargement from Beach Events (Rick Hancox, 1984, 16mm film)

I’m intrigued by Brett Kashmere’s series about the Canadian experimental film movement The Escarpment School, especially since one of its members, Richard Kerr, is a former professor of mine and my partner Mike Rollo is being figured in the program as a kind of descendant of that movement. Read more about it here on Brett’s website as well as this interview over on Cineflyer. If you’re in Winnipeg, be sure to check out the first screening in this series at the Winnipeg Cinematheque on Friday.

An image from Tessa's way cool 'Streetviews' project

Tessa’s  ‘Streetviews‘ project seems to be gathering steam. Will it exit the blogosphere and enter another context sometime? I recommend a mini-book or a photo show someplace nice.

Also, the nice lady who runs Cocoa Locale (4807 ave. du Parc) looks like she’s living her dream:

Some blogs that I’ve started following this past month:

  • Radical Montreal: A radical list of local events and happenings!
  • Fashion Made Me Funky: a personal style blog penned and photographed by the lovely flame-haired Jenny
  • Doula Right Thing: An incredibly thorough and playful blog about reproductive health that is trans and queer friendly as well.
  • Racialicious: A cool blog about the intersection of race and pop culture.

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