What I wore to get my nails done

This is a style post! The first one on this blog about one of my own outfits, I think. I was moved to write because today was kind of a strange clothes day for me. Firstly, I wore a beautiful faux animal print jacket that I’ve been longterm-loaned from one of my family members- it’s a short swing coat from the 60’s. I’d only worn it out one time before and that was at night. I don’t usually wear animal prints and people definitely reacted in a variety of ways all day while I was out and about (some leering, some disapproving glances from university students, etc). I also blow-dried my hair and then wore it loose and messy, but the wind kept blowing it into my eyes and mouth so when I dropped by the library after my nail appointment with Jessika Fancy, I long-term-borrowed an elastic band from the Grande Bibliotheque and made a messy top knot. I also wore slim jeans and vintage low-heeled shoes that click when I walk ( I think they were orginally intended for dancing) which announced my arrivals/departures/traversals all day, which I hadn’t really considered before leaving the house. Along with this half-fun-half-awkward outfit, I lugged along a heavy black motorcycle-grade leather bookbag stuffed with zine supplies that kinda threw my balance off. All-in-all, not my usual look, but still one that got ‘er done.


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