Stuff I Like Today

Good Monday,

Let’s start the week off slow and well, shall we? The past seven days have been at times heavy and busy as well as fun and fabulous. Today I’d like to explore love, sexiness and happiness. Here are a few things I’m digging today.

Annie Sprinkle and partner Elizabeth Stephens are on Year 6 of their Love Art Lab. When I inteviewed Annie a few years ago for Audio Smut and Lickety Split, she invited Mike and I to her Year 2 "Orange Wedding". Wish I had been able to go!

My main man Nic Cage was in my dream last night. There were zombies too, but they weren't so bad, more like pesky mosquitos than Certain Death.

Check out Mr. Cage’s next flick Drive Angry 3D, plus more about this favorite guilty pleasure of mine. My apologies to Erin and Lara.

Missed the For The Sake of Songs Patsy Cline tribute show last night at Cagibi! Been singing this tune in my kitchen this morning. Love Patsy so much!

This is very important in our house: The CBC Holiday TV Guide is up! Check it out so that you don't miss Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer and Elf.

Had an excellent time at the Head & hands 40th Anniversary Gala on Saturday night. Lake of Stew (pictured) and Socalled were great fun! Also had blast swanning around The Rialto in pin-up hair and black leather with Erin in a 1940s dress on one arm and Mike on the other. More photos soon!

Here’s the hair tutorial I based my ‘do on…it did not take three minutes, as advertised:

Currently cooking up The NY Times recipe for 'Chickpeas in Star Anise and Data Masala' today. Smells delicious!

Looking forward to touring this week! Posts may be slow/non-existent this week, as a result. Hope to see you at the show! (Photo by Amber Dawkins for Guttersnipe)



  1. aaaaaaa what a wonderful post! how nice you get to share the stage with such fun performers. i try and see lake of stew anytime they’re in quĂ©bec city, which is relatively often! they are so much fun to dance to.

    and that last picture of you is really stunning.

  2. Thanks! Only thing i should point out is that I was at the gala as a guest, not a performer. However the Lake of Stew folks are real nice and I encourage attendance at their shows and buying our their records. Rock!

    Out of curiosity, are their any Quebec City bands you go see? I’m not familiar with the music out there, though i love the city!

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