Video Diary 1: Veil Gazing

Click to watch video.

I’ve started creating a year’s worth of weekly videos as part of the 52 Pick-Up video project created by Dayna McLeod. Nightwood was involved with this project previously and I have decided to forge ahead on my own to keep myself in touch with making moving images regularly. I think these short videos could eventually be edited together in a longer project or might even work as studies for Super 8 and 16mm films. It’s also quite fun to be part of such a neat and eclectic group of artists.


Here are some notes from the 52 Pick-Up website:

  • 52 Pick-Up is a series of videos made by anyone who is up for the challenge of making one video a week for 52 weeks straight.
  • 52 Pick-Up is a video production challenge. Equivalent to drawing a sketch-a day or writing a page-a-day, it’s an exercise in endurance to get the juices flowing with a quick deadline that can be used as an excuse for both brilliance and failure. 52 Pick-Up is meant to stimulate and challenge, excite and ignite viewers and participants alike about video, different ways of working, diverse points of view, and having bragging rights and the goods to go with having made one video a week for an entire year.
  • It’s like a Master Cleanse for Video Makers.
  • More here!

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