Big Bird

My spice cabinet, belonged to my mother, crafted by some unknown Quebecois craftsperson in the 70s.

The next few days are gonna be filled with guitaring, so last night I roasted up a small chicken to tide us over the rock moosik. The plan is to chop up some chicken to toss into my fave kimichi soup recipe as well as to make a nice stock with the carcass. With these delicious foodie dreams in mind, we trotted down to the Atwater Market yesterday, found a modest 3lb grain fed bird and brought her home.

I loosely followed a roast chicken recipe that I’ve been using for years, based on one in the Eat Well/Stay Well cookbook (it’s surprisingly awesome for Reader’s Digest!), which contains a recipe where you remove the skin before eating to reduce the fat content. I ignore that final step. What I did was sprinkle the cavity with salt and rosemary and then threw in lots of unpeeled garlic cloves. This time I also added some lemon quarters after reading this post over on a new fave food blog Popcorn Plays. I took her suggestion to dust the skin with smoked paprika (How do I love thee? Let me taste all the ways…) and then slipped some more salt, rosemary and thyme under the skin and over the breast and legs. Sounds super sexy, non? The original recipe calls for that kinky rubdown to make up for the removal of the skin. I think that it’s worth doing even when keeping the skin in order to double the awesome. I roasted the bird on top of a bed of local fingerling potatoes, carrots, celery and onions; 30 minutes breast side down and then 30 minutes or so breast side up. I only bothered to baste the breast side of the bird. I did not bother with making gravy.

Photos of carrots and baster by Mike, the other photos are my own.

Dreaming of: starting seeds again this spring. It’s been a few years, I’m thinking indeterminate cherry tomatoes that can easily be handed over to a neighbor when we go traveling. I’m fantasizing about overflowing nasturtium pots also. Too soon for these fantasies? Probably! Must order seed catalogues by January though.

Loving: Terrariums.

Can’t wait for: my apple cider to be ready. Should be good by mid December, we thinks!

Listening to: CBC radio, checking out Kurt Vile (you like?). Looking forward to the new PJ Harvey record, too. Check out this video of her performing the tune ‘Let England Shake‘ on TV.

Watching: This super cute video posted by Tessa over on her blog. Enjoy!



  1. mmm, so glad you did the roast chicken, paprika-style! really adds a wonderful smokiness. those carrots look awesome, too.

  2. The carrots were quite good! It might be my imagination or my locavore-inclinations, but produce always seems more yummy when it’s from a nearby farm or garden.

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