Stuff I Like Today (or Diaphanous Diaphony/Rainy Day Women)

1. So I wore my newest diaphanous frock. Love pairing white dresses + black tights + my little lace up witch boots + loose crazy hair. I swear that this neo-Victorian get-up had a daydreamy teenager following me around the Grande Biblio yesterday. (inspiration + more inspiration)

2. What’s a fancier word for pizza? Cuz this apple pizza that I made last night deserves better. I used a store-bought flatbread,brushed it with olive oil and a blend of spices (cinnamon, clove, thyme, salt, pepper), laid thin slices of baking apples in a spiral + sprinkled with more spice mixture, dressed those up with carmelized onions, sprinkled sharp cheddar cheese and sunflower seeds and voila! We lurrrrved this!

To be hung over the piano to light the keys and our family photos on the wall above!

3. Found this super cool lamp for very few dollars at the second hand shop last week and I can’t wait to hang it! It’s so incredibly heavy and its weight and various textures are pleasing. Best part is when light shines through the small circular holes.

4. Finally joined the Bitch Magazine “Beehive” by becoming a monthly donor (a very modest one- you can donate $5 to $100 or more a month). Having a background in independent publishing myself, I believe strongly in putting your money where your mouth is: in this case I’m now supporting independent feminist publishing!

5. Last night one half of The Goode Neighbours sent along this link where you can listen to the isolated tracks of Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones. What a fabulous time suck! As the writer notes, “Wonderfully demonstrates how the Rolling Stones sound is more than just the sum of its parts”. There are more videos/tracks posted than the one I’ve included above, so go do have a listen. Thanks for this Erin!

Today, then: Sewing projects on the go this morning while watching the Flaming Lips documentary, more home recording/song writing this afternoon and perhaps some kimchi soup ce soir. Congrats to Lara on winning her award! Congrats also to Tessa for starting up her new blog for all those wonderful Google Street View images.

A xo


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  1. a fancier term for pizza? the french have been known to use “tarte salée” for a savory flatbread (like Alsatian tarte flambée)–the good people at American Flatbread just use “flatbread”–many Italian-Americans just use “pie”–i’d say “tarte sucrée/salée” would be a good fit

    we’ve been digging those “Gimme Shelter” tracks over here, too

    right on,

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