Let’s DO this.

Do what? Put on an a cool music festival next summer, of course! You know, one where you could bring in your own food, booze and camping gear without any fear of advertising and festival passes. Somewhere just outside of Montreal, like someone’s property in the Eastern Townships. Small and invite only (for the first summer, keep it small and manageable) featuring independent local or touring bands who get money for the event through meaningful donations from festival goers. The show schedule is posted on a big old piece of painted plywood and some industrious folks can give workshops if they’d like to and others can help out by creating safe spaces in which to band-aid/come down in. Please let this happen.

>>>Inspired by Juggalos who are fans of the Insane Clown Posse, whose music I do not recommend. Photos by Daniel Cronen over on Fecal Face (SF).

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