I’ve been studying for an hour each day to improve my French with the help of a library book or two. I’m really digging the teach yourself: Improve Your French instruction book as it fits well with the way I learn. It also explains a lot in English and as well as in French, which is quite different from the immersion programs I arrived late to in elementary and high school (having grown up in the English-speaking Bahamas). The book was written in England and focuses on France’s culture, so it’s kind of a relief to have a different set of examples in the text as compared to the oft-used Quebec history examples in Quebecois learning materials- though I do appreciate having used those for years. It’s so exciting to have some previously hazy concepts of the language become clear that I am quite buoyed about practicing my spoken French and am now dreaming of taking another camping trip to Tadoussac in the summer time, driving back home along the south side of river to sample local beer and cheese. This fresh approach to the language makes me feel as studious as I did when I took up gardening in earnest five years ago as well as when I adopted some new methods of cooking after that.

I endeavour to speak French as well as Anna Karina in this clip: in a cute yé-yé dress and with a distinct Nouvelle Vague aesthetic in my…conversational style?

In other news: Left-over liver pate & carmelized onion sandwiches on rye bread are where it’s at. Also, I’m sorry for all the Tumblr based blogs and the weird-o blackout over there. Also, I’ve chosen to name and redesign my blog, cuz it’s more than just an artist site now, I think. See you back here soon!



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