Stuff I Like Today

1. The trailer for the forthcoming Jane Eyre flick (dir. Cary Fukunaga, 2011). Not sure if you’ve seen the 1996 version with Charlotte Gainsbourg, but it wasn’t very good, which is sad for any Brontë fan to admit. Anyhow, watch the trailer- Mike was thrilled to discover that they used the theme from Dario Argento’s Suspiria (1977). Have you read Wide Sargasso Sea (by Jean Rhys, 1966) by the way? It’s a post-colonial retelling of the story of Jane Eyre’s ‘lady in the attic’ character, from the perspective of the imprisoned, mad woman.

Tomato soup with rosemary, chickpeas and spinach + green bean salad with radish, red onion and feta + buttered pumpernickel toast

Real chair tea (unsweetened) in beautiful tea cups + Turkish cookies

2. Lunch/brunch with friends! Truly, this is funemployment. Had a lovely hang with my bud Jess MG (find her on-line here and here, plus an interview here) who made the deliciousness above. Looking forward to a Resevoir brunch with Kathleen KR this week! Breakfast beer!

3. Working on a Christmas tune with Erin for an on-line mixtape…maybe it’ll see the light of day, maybe not! Never done something like this before. More soon.

4. Listening to Bjork’s Vespertine for crunchy snowy musical inspiration.

5. Too soon? Choosing a restaurant to visit with Mike for my birthday in January. So far in the running: La Colombe on Duluth, Laloux on des Pins, our Verdun fave L’Intime on Wellington…any suggestions? Bring-your-own-wine places are especially intriguing!

Erin and I at Miss Janet's, summer 2009. Photo by Martin Reisch/*safesolvent

6. Gettng my hair trimmed by the one and only Miss Janet next week! She’s making a special home visit exception for Erin and I as we can’t make it to her in town appointments later in the week. Contact her for appointment before she returns to San Francisco!

Photo Andrew Carver

7. Looking forward to the Special Noise show tomorrow at L’Escogriffe. I first saw/heard Special noise at this year’s Pop Montreal when they opened for Parlovr and Marnie Stern. Righteous!

8. Keeping an ear out for inspiration, in general. Lately: the psychedelic prairie thing still sustains, also looking to Wayne Coyne ever since watching The Fearless Freaks…but paying attention more, keeping aware of those potential ephemeral moments and notions…


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