All done.

The ceiling of Patati-Patata, from a few weeks back.

The song, this ridiculously holidaytastic tune we’ve been working on at home, it is done. The mixtape/on-line comp we created it for will be available soon. Our song may be aired on a CKUT radio show tomorrow, though I’m not sure which one. I’ll update this entry with the info when I get it. For now, just plan to be next to your radio all day with the dial tuned to 90.3FM. It seems that the tune might jingle into your ears between noon and two on the If You Got Ears program. Thanks for the hook up, Jess! The song is called Santa Suit Tattoo (XMAS 4 EVA).

Also: I’m three weeks into the fifty two week video challenge. So far, the videos have been wordless, handheld affairs about looking closely at places, things.

Now: time to watch a movie on TV, sip whiskey, go to bed.

A xo


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