Holiday Frenzy

Here’s a wee time-lapse video of a house call Miss Janet made to my place yesterday in order to cut hair (Erin’s, Mike’s and mine). The song you hear is ‘Stand Up Straight’ by Cotton Mouth and the room is my messy studio!

Erin spent the most time in the chair due to have so many inches chopped off, I had a trim and then Mike was reeled into the mix to clean up his recent scruffiness.

I’ve been doing some writing and thinking on stuff, jotting down some ideas about music performance, etc, reading The Pop, Rock, and Soul Reader: History and Debates. I might try to share some of that somehow, but not here on the blog. I’m still sorting out what to post about and I’m pretty sure that I wanna keep it light and when events, projects and work (such as writing) come to fruition, that I’ll direct y’all to the appropriate interweb/real life avenue to find it.

Busy with:

  • Working with Erin to complete a hot, wintery, Xmas tune. Sound oxymoronic? Nay, naysayer! Just you wait. I’ll be posting more about this glory soon.
  • Taking family (Mike + me + cats) holiday photos– twisted my hair into an elaborate 50’s pinup thing up top and then added a side braid and Frida Kahlo-esque red ribbon. It took several minutes of time plus hair spray and came out pleasantly cartoon-ish. I’ll share the photo when it’s all edited up!
  • Making/gathering/hunting more holiday gifts and eating turkey at my myriad family celebrations. I gorged myself on Saturday evening at my aunt’s house and am sad to say that I only was able to ingest 1.5lbs of food- I know this because they have a scale (we don’t) and I weighed myself just before and just after the supper. Is that too much information?
  • Made amazing “double ginger” cookies ala Jae Steele.
  • Watched that new Harry Potter movie as well as Gremlins 2: The New Batch, The Hurt Locker, Wanted, some Stan Brakhage. We like to mix it up.
  • Gonna start practicing for my driver’s test now that I have my appointment booked. Blessings appreciated.
  • Listening to the Best Songs of 2010 as named by Said the Gramophone.
  • Mainly finishing up the hot Xmas jam.

A xo


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