Queen City Salute!

We’re in Canada’s Queen City (Regina, SK) spending a lovely holiday season with family. We’re so grateful to be so well taken care of, hanging out with the family, eating huge meals and consuming many sugary confections! I’ll post some photos in the coming days. For now, some lists and a short video about driving on wintery SK highways.

Currently reading: The Watchmen (so excellent!), Christmas letters (a different kind of excellent), The Leader Post newspaper.

Playing: Board games like Cranium, Humdinger, Taboo, filling out the giant crossword puzzle in the newspaper.

Practicing: Driving, basic music theory, patience when attempting to parallel park.

Sipping: Coffee in the morning with a shot of Baileys, red wine, chai lattes, Grand Marnier with ice, Bushwakker beer.


  • Movies in the theater: Black Swan, True Grit– loved both of them! We expect to see The King’s Speech and The Fighter before returning to Balconville. I plan to watch all the Oscar-nominated films in preparation for the annual Oscar party that we attend and bet money on which films will win. I’ve found a yellow 80s prom dress here at the Regina (i.e. the best in Canada!) Value Village  that recalls Michelle Williams 2006 Oscar gown to wear to the big event.
  • Movies on TV: Elf, Charlie Brown’s Christmas, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
  • TV shows: The entire first season of that zombie show Walking Dead. I don’t really do those TV series ever since LOST broke my heart with its lame last season, but this was kinda fun, I must admit, though the show needs stronger female characters.
  • Musical Theater: Honk: A Musical Tale of The Ugly Duckling

Heard: Almost exclusively second-hand Christmas music. Also attended a chamber music concert at the Government House which featured compositions by Mozart and Hindemith. Was intrigued by a composition named Glass Houses by Ann Southam while listening to CBC Radio 2…gave me some ideas for fingertapping on the guitar.

Consumed: Too many wonderful dishes cooked up by Mike’s mum to recount here!

Thinking about: The songs we’re working on- I’m itching to play on my own guitar when we get back home!

Happy holidays! xo

The unfortunately designed signature buildings in the heart of Regina's downtown form a 'V' shape, here they are decorated Rider Pride style.

Note the building's likeness in the city logo.



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