I want to share my my friend Lara’s new dresses with you. Lara Kaluza is the designer behind Lalouka, runs a vintage shop called The Crumpet Closet and is part of the Seven Days of Vintage pop-up shop series.

I love the fabric choices Lara has made designing these new dresses, the prints are especially fun and I think that the dresses with zippers up the back are lovely elaborations on her skirts from last winter. The styling looks great too; I love the turbans and the colour palette of the make-up (by Liz) with Tessa’s washed-out blue hair. Martin Reisch‘s flash photography interacts perfectly with the winter night scene and the whole vibe has a sort of desirable sense of drama that makes one want to pluck up one of the frocks to wear to one’s January birthday celebration.

More photos available to browse in the Lalouka on-line shop.

A xo

Wild Wild Horses Mini Dress

Navajo Style Mini Dress

Crop Top Jersey Dress - Graphic Black and White Floral

Crop Top Jersey Dress - Blue Marble Dye


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