Sex & Travel


Listen to this awesome episode of Audio Smut radio, whydontcha. I had a very small part in it. Thanks to Jess! Here’s the show description from the Audio Smut blog:

Since it’s that time of year again where you’re back from holidays and grudgingly partaking in the real world once more, Audio Smut has decided to whisk you away again on an aural adventure by bring you a very moving episode. From sex on vacation to sex (or lack there of) on tour, Audio Smut is going around the world in a very smutty fashion.

~Sex and touring –4 independant musicians give the inside scoop on their sex lives on the road.

~Where in the world would you have sex? Mayan temples? Bali? Russia? Space stations? The rainforest?

~ Top Banana by  Craig J. Sorensen from the Mile High Club

~ Sex and Holiday. Gruesome stories about sex, family, festivals and the all-inclusive resort.

~ Road head. Sex while in a moving plane, train or automobile.



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