Art’s Birthday

This weekend CKUT 90.3FM will be throwing their annual celebration of all things art, called Art’s Birthday. Along with the many performers and video artists and DJs and musicians and art cakes, my short video Lyric for Our Home Song (Video Sketch) (2005) will be screened. The film premeiered at the Antimatter Film Festival in 2006 and they named the program it showed in after my video, which was sweet. Recently the video was shown as an installation (it played on as an unending loop in a small room) at the one-night-only Water Logged event.

For the full, glorious line-up of events at this year’s Art’s Birthday, do check out the CKUT website! Some details:

“One million years ago, on January 17, someone dropped a dry sponge into a bucket of water and lo, ART was born!” – Robert Filliou, 1963

When: January 15th, starts at 8pm
Where: L’Envers and O’Supa at 185 Van Horne.
Cost: $7 – $12 sliding scale

Art’s Birthday was originally proposed in 1964 by artist Robert Filiou as a celebration of Art. Arts organizations all over the world celebrate Art’s Birthday with parties and performances. CKUT has produced special programming in celebration of Art’s Birthday since 2007.

According to our calculations Art will be turning 1 000 047 this year, and once again CKUT will be ringing in the occasion. From the serious to the silly, the night will be a celebration of art.

Expect live musical performances and shenanigans, visual and sound art installations, a film room, an art cake contest, an art-of-kissing booth, a ringing-in of the birthday at midnight, a costume contest, and a DJ’d dance party to bring the night to a close!


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