Twennie Niner, part two.

Look! New guitars! My father collects guitars and he gave me two from his collection this past weekend, for my birthday. One is a simple USA-made Fender Telecaster and the other is a 1970s Miller acoustic, which is similar to a Martin in sound and style. I am a lucky lady! As Erin and I investigate new guitar sounds, having a brighter sounding Tele (thanks to the single coil pick-up) is a nice option. My main guitar is a Godin Exit-22 series solid body electric, which has a humbucker pick-up setting which affords a rich, bass-y tone.

Mike is The Best.

I spent time with my Mom yesterday and Mike made us a delicious chicken cacciatore dinner before we watched the Golden Globes. Thank goodness for Ricky Gervais and booze, non? I loved Kyra Sedgewick’s dress most of all. More Hollywood geekiness over on my Tumblr. Can’t wait for the Oscars!

A xo



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