Stuff I Like Today

1. Wayne Coyne’s speaking voice. I’m not trying to be creepy; the man should have his own radio show. Just listen:

2. Sun City Girls tune Ben’s Radio from their 2010 album Funeral Mariachi (review here on Tiny Mixtapes).

3. All the vintage clothing modeling Jenny has been up to. What a flame haired babe!

Jenny for Citizen Vintage

4. The astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson whose fun interview and lovely smile lit up The Daily Show (Tuesday Jan. 18th).

5. Receiving a gift of a book from my local bookseller Encor’Lire after seeking it out. Have you read this article about Vilette vs. Jane Eyre?

5. Fuji Hakayito/Cotton Mouth/Reversing Falls show at Casa del Popolo this Saturday!


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