Cold Weather Comfort

My bathrobe has replaced my apron when I’m cooking as it’s so cold in the apartment. The blond kitty is better but has developed a need to be on a lap at all times.

Today is marginally less cold than yesterday, so I’ve hazarded a vintage dress instead of jeans. Sweater and thermal tights are still on the go.

Ramen at Kazu!

Veggie hot pot at Kazu!

Had a warm soup lunch date with Jess yesterday, which was wonderful! We visited the Japanese restaurant Kazu which I’d heard about over on a few different blogs and was not disappointed. Delicious! They sell beer, too, for you lushes.

Jess is a sweetheart and brought me a few things for my birthday/Christmas. Check out the title of my next diary and that hand-drawn fish pedicure picture, why dontcha. I’ll be reporting on that soon enough!

Best present of all, though, was this awesome sound machine which features sound bites like drum rolls and gun shots which will be most entertaining when chatting with me mum later!

I hurt my back somehow and it is painful to inhale or exhale too deeply, which sucks bigtime for singing. To mend myself, I watched Martha Coolidge’s Valley Girl (1983) which features my main man Nicolas Cage. Way more nudity and Nicolas Cage in this flick than the John Hughes flicks that start rolling out the year afterward. I think it’s telling that I’m getting older when I relate more to the main protagonist’s hippie parents than the love struck teens.

So, home recordings/driving practice/singing in abbreviated hiccups-a-go-go. Stay warm!



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