Gimme Lace

You can have your Mad Men styling: gimme some Edwardian and Victorian goodies instead! I’m digging the Gibson Girl vibe.

Fessing up: Watched Howards End (1992) this weekend and am waist deep in Charlotte Bronte’s Villette. What’s to become of me? More lace shirts and wistful hairdos, surely. Perhaps some dresses with hints of men’s tailoring, long skirts and necklaces…I also love photos of placard carrying suffragettes and am currently using some of their images in some poster art.

There’s a lovely post about Howards End over on Design*Sponge which inspired me to borrow the film from the library in the first place.  Howards End fits in nicely with some other period films set in England that are filed in my mid-to-late-winter movie library for their wint-blues-banishing lush English gardens and romanticism; another stand by is The Secret Garden (1993).

For the past few days since watching the film, I’ve trotted out all of my long, wintery skirts and have paired them with lace long sleeve button up blouses and have let my hair go super curly. I just love this look, even though it makes for an unusual image when practicing driving (or ‘motoring’), learning how to tech a live radio show and practicing with a roc band- all of which was part of my day yesterday.

This video is hilarious…

(Click images for sources.)

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