Stuff I Like Today

A friend of mine who reads the blog mentioned that she liked these ‘Stuff I Like Today’ posts the very best, so I think I might indulge both her and I and do these up, more often.

1. Floral capelet dress by Supayana

2. Eva Hesse, whose work I fell in love with years ago and who I've been falling in love with all over again. Click the image to visit her estate's website, where a neat video featuring Hesse can be watched on the gateway page

3. PJ Harvey’s new album Let England Shake seems to be another wonderful redirection for the artist. This album is supposed to be both uplifting and political.

4. Liver & onions! I can only make this when my companion is out.

5. Visiting folks! This past few days have been a lovely, warm blur of lunch dates, chats and dinner plans with folks I care about.

A xo


One comment

  1. Terrence Malick, cioppino, P.J. Harvey–totally on the same wavelength–haven’t seen that bluray edition of Days of Heaven yet, but I hear it’s divine–Malick’s a favorite in this household too–thanks for the P.J. link–hadn’t seen that yet–just made a batch of cioppino the other week–soul food…

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