Stuff I Like Today

1. Hochelaga Goddamn’s latest post and the beautiful Kodachrome-like colours in this photo of the port of Montreal. Each post on that blog features an archival photo paired with a present day sound clip of a Hochelaga site.  In the accompanying sound clip to this image you can hear young voices made ghostly in a reverberating sports complex and the nostalgic squeak of sneakers on gym floors, which may inspire warm feelings in some and terror in the hearts of others, as with this bookworm.

2. Dim sum! It’s been a while since we’ve gone, but we’re heading down to the Ruby Rouge in a few short hours. I’ve been going there with my family since I was about nine or ten…so twenty years-ish? That’s a lot of dim sum, my friends. Not sure if there will be any New Year celebrations in China Town today, but here’s hoping!

3. Rock show! I’m keen to watch Mavo and Expo67 play tonight at L’Esco (Facebook event). Both bands have a sorta retro vibe (for the 90s and 60s, respectively) and are filled with good people.

Mavo by Martin Reisch

4. This lovely double ring available over on Etsy!

GRECIAN - double 2 finger chain rings - Soldered Leaves Charms - antique bronze (Grigio Atelier)

5. Pre-Super bowl Kaffeklatsch! The good people over at An Endless Banquet are teaming up with Laloux to throw an old-school-old-world Austro-Hungarian coffee and pastry event complete with tunes and gossip! For $10 you can sip delicious coffee care of Mike’s beloved Myriade cafe and sample traditional pastries by Michelle Marek, one of the AEB blog’s authors. Check out the Hour Magazine article about the event, whydontcha. I’m bringing my bearded companion and my mum. Come gossip with us!

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