This lovely event was positively delicious. If you didn’t have the chance to stop by yesterday, we highly recommend doing so next time the AEB/Laloux crew team up and throw down! The room was pleasantly busy and the strudel so popular that it wasn’t available when we arrived as more was being made, and so we ordered the yummy treats below to share. We can’t properly recall the names of everything, so here’s hoping that pictures are indeed worth more than a thousand words.

Photos by Mike and me, can’t remember who took what!

Update: Want to know know about the next event? Join the Kaffeeklatsch (Mtl) on Facebook.



  1. mmm i made it over there as well + fell head over heels in love with michelle’s kugelhopf. hopefully a new (delicious) tradition!

  2. Yup, I agree and it was totally delicious with butter and marmalade! Too bad I missed you, it would have been nice to have chatted while high on caffeine and sugar. ;)

  3. Thanks!

    It was nice seeing you too and if we’d had another chair we’d have invited you to join us long enough to talk your ear right off! So no worries, we were flying high on sugary goodness- shoulda burst into song or poetry…

    By the way, the whipped cream in the coffee was a great call. Can’t wait for the next one!

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