My days are taken up largely with writing music, and writing by way of home recording, which is a fairly new practice for me (Erin’s been recording at home for a while). It’s interesting how song ideas develop differently this way. It also makes for awkward moments of forgetting how to play something that I’ve recorded, which results in a re-learning process, or being unable to play all the different parts as a trio. We’re working through it. So: writing and recording, writing lyrics for the band, and between all these moments there’s everything else while thinking about music. So it goes. I find it hard to articulate all this in these casual blog posts, so I’ll stop now and save it for my journal and share the music when it’s ready, of course.

Since the most official work I do these days is the occasional workshop once a week,  I’m working out my unrelenting Type A energy in other ways. Today I went to the St. Henri boutique La Gaillarde to pick up some second-hand fabric to finally make a dress from a Built By Wendy pattern I’ve had kicking around since 2006 or 2007. I found some awesome blue and white striped fabric that vaguely reminded me of Ikat as well as a matching patterned fabric. I then got quite ambitious and decided to try and make the dress in one evening, but alas, that hasn’t worked out. I’ll finish it tomorrow morning, just as soon as I unravel the mystery of sleeves. It’s quite something following a dress pattern; it makes me feel like my teen self trying to follow a recipe while learning to cook at the same time. My previous sewing experiences have involved sewing my own artwork or making hand bags and altering the odd bit of vintage clothing, all of which relies on simple good sense and my carefully honed practice of ‘vibe’. Tonight was not about vibes. I got through three albums: Sgt. Pepper, Dig Lazarus Dig and Os Mutantes’ self-titled plus a sprinkling of Led Zeppelin. Tomorrow morning talk radio will see me through the rest. I’ll post the resulting frock here once it is complete!

In the photo above, you can see my newly arrived seed catalogue, a new-to-me-hair clip, a swatch of mustard and cream polka-dotted fabric and a nude plastic bangle. I bought these items (minus the free catalogue) along with my dress fabric and it all rang up to $3.99. Glorious! The hair clip baggie reads $2 in red marker, but that’s plain impossible. Can’t wait to pour over heirloom seeds in the coming days.

The rest of it: My driving test is on Monday (wish/vibe me luck), I’m cooking/baking/eating up a storm (note freshly acquired ponki donuts a.k.a. Berliners) balanced atop the remainder of my streusel coffee cake), I’ve ordered new glasses (more about those later!)…and a whole lot more. Nightwood have a few projects up our three-armed sweater sleeves that we’ll be announcing shortly. More soon!



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