Stuff I Like Today

1. Wallpaper with golden owls on it by Abigail Edwards. Peeped this on DesignSponge and lurved it! Now, I’m not a birds-on-everything type of girl, but this is kooky enough to sink it’s talons into my heart. I like to imagine the shiny stuff lining the walls of my fantasy library. However, at £68 a roll, I’ll have to let this dream wing by.

2. Mavo’s new tunes on MySpace, especially H8 Chrymes. Love the 90s vibe! Makes me feel like bleaching my hair and wearing brown lipstick.

3. The Montreal Breakfast Review Brunch and Breakfast Map. Very handy, especially when brunching with out-of-towners staying in other parts of town than one’s own. I mean, we ended up going to Beauty’s, but it was still handy to peruse the map before deciding to stick with an old stand-by.

4. The Oscars! So pumped. Gonna dress up, bet money and dine and drink with other film geeks this Sunday. Righteous! Gonna round out my pre-Oscar prep by watching The King’s Speech today which features my English boyfriend Colin Firth. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not so silly as to vote with my heart- I’ve been keeping my eye on the prize winning stats of the films so far. I also have to fill out an on-line ballot of my fave celeb gossip site, LaineyGossip. Don’t think less of me, Lainey is rad.

Here’s an option I would wear were I invited to the Oscars perhaps as a nominee for Best Original Score…perhaps for a biopic about Patti Smith? That would do.

Galanos Cream Satin Evening Ensemble (via Vintageous)

5. A few articles and posts here and there, like this one A Chart Topping Cave Dweller over on The Wall Street Journal about behind-the-scenes hitmaker Diane Warren (Thanks Tyler!) as well as this pretty special post by Andrea on quilting and way more.

6. Exuma, way into this band now, no turning back!

7. Craft nights with rad groups of ladies– thanks Tessa!

8. Beers with old friends turning 30: happy birthday Martin!

9. Frank’s Red Hot Sauce.

10. Ordering seeds for our balcony garden!



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