The Oscars

I love the Oscars as an event, even when the awards show itself falls flat on its face. If you didn’t have a chance to watch the show or to read any pop culture media, the general consensus is that this year’s edition was perhaps the worst show in Oscar history, which I think can’t be wholly blamed on the lack lustre hosting job by Anne Hathaway and James Franco. I won’t spend too much time detailing Franco’s phoned in performance or Hathaway’s over-compensation for her co-host’s slack job (you can read all about that here, here and here); for my part, I’d like to lay the blame squarely at the feet of the writers and directors of the show who seem to have forgotten why people enjoy watching the Academy Awards at all. The new direction seemed throw out everything special about the event in favor of a weird pastiche of Film History Lite and YouTube aesthetics, nevermind the sloppiness of the camera work and production. It seemed like the Academy sacrificed everything to appease ABC’s desire to attract a younger audience: an entertaining and witty host, the Thalberg Award for lifetime achievement (I would love to have listened to some Francis Ford Coppola stories!), to name just a couple of majorly bad choices. But where was the older Hollywood? I personally love my front row Jack Nicholson.  Also, I’d like to stand up and advocate by youth by saying that the Academy tried to appeal to the lowest common denominators of “youth culture”, if they managed to appeal at all. Who do they think youth are these days anyway? Anyhow, snoop around the web for a few minutes for more detailed assessments of the evening than my own.

The Academy Awards are a high holiday in this movie loving house, not because we’re foolish enough to think that they faithfully award excellence but because it’s an wonderful excuse to glitz up our film-geekiness! That and our Goode Neighbours throw an excellent Oscar party. We made a day of it.

On the morn of our high holiday, the Academy Awards, we made a seriously yummy breakfast of crepes with maple syrup, Best-Eggs-Eva-with-Frank’s-Red-Hot-Sauce, and berry smoothies.

During the day of our high holiday, the Academy Awards, we finalized our Oscar research (we bet money on this thing, so we use our brains, not hearts, when choosing potential winners), baked Oscar-specific ‘Golden Moments Cookies‘ a.k.a. ‘THE Oscar Cookie’ (cardamom, ginger, cinnamon and sugar delights that happen to be vegan to boot), took baths and naps and then groomed for the fancy dress evening.

Unbaked cookies waiting to grow flat and delicious.

What I wore- no great photos of me in this 60s delight, unfortch'.

White leather bow belt!

Hair bow. Found at Call the Office rock venue in London...Ontario.

On the evening of our high holiday, the Academy Awards, we went around the corner to the Goode Neighbours place where there were balloons! Fabulous finger foods! Mixed drinks! Chester (see below)! We had our usual crowd plus a newcomer who suggested a new addition to our usual 24 category voting ballot, which was to try and determine who would be the last person featured in the Oscar memoriam reel. A morbid but fun game that no one won, so we distributed some hand-crocheted prizes as equally as possible (Mike and I both guessed Dennis Hopper– it was Lena Horne). Ultimately, there was a happy winner and an amicable tie for second place, and I came in third after them (my assessment)! 17 out of 24! Not so bad! I must mention that Twitter was also in attendance- what a crazy time we live in! Amidst our own undeniably witty remarks, we had timely messages from folks the world over. The iPhone and iTouch geeks in the house were going nuts.

This is Chester, a bit on the sleepy side toward the end of the evening!

Just a hint of the yummy the Oscar trophy.

Our good-looking Goode Neighbours!

Half of the crowd. The noisy half!

My ballot! Each win was accompanied by a shout and fist pump.

The Oscar trophy being handed from last year's winner (seated) to this year's winner!

Tied, part one...

Tied, part two!

Our gruesome prize!

So, we had a lovely time! Thanks to the Goode Neighbours! Now for the most important part of the event…my pick for best Oscar dress:

Cate Blanchett in Givenchy

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  1. Amazing! We really made the best of a poor, poor, Oscars show. I look like I can barely bring myself to hand over that award, BTW.

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