Positively Sexy

Annie Sprinkle

March is turning out to be a wonderfully sex-positive month! Firstly, former porn star/performance artist/educator and legend Annie Sprinkle and her partner, artist/activist Elizabeth Stephens, will be in town for the Edgy Women festival to discuss their on-going research into love, sex and collaboration in what they call the Love Art Lab. That’ll be happening at Salla Rossa on March 19th at 8:30pm.

Queerotica is another event going on as part of Radical Queer Semaine and will “will focus on a variety of creative, cheap, accessible and fun ways to make your own sexy independent media.” RQS will have tons of creative programming, so do browse their site for a full calendar of events.

The excellently produced community radio show Audio Smut has a wonderful new episode up called Discovery and includes an interview with Head & Hands Sense Project sex-ed animators. Head & Hands is also looking for a new logo to freshen up the youth org’s image, so do send something into their logo contest! Should your design win, there’s a reward in it for ya. Here’s a bit more about what’s included in Audio Smut’s latest show:

  • Radical Sex Ed : How would you like to discover sex?
  • Inception : When did that spark of an idea about trying out some new sex move (face sitting, fingers in assses, poppers and recording the act) plant its seed?
  • Discovering dating etiquette by Lizalicous
  • Moon moles : Explore your lover(s)’s body like a space odyssey
  • Against The Wall : What is yours to discover at a sex party?

Last but not least, do check out Lady Norn’s debut album Vadge of Honour, available via free download on BandCamp. Here’s her description of the sounds:

  • Listen to the inside sounds and inside voices of one lady’s vagina. Bust open the sex noise stereotypes of what a hot & bothered & sexy woman sounds like. Experimental body based sound.

A xxx


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